About Holborn Assets

For clients who are considering saving or investing, knowing what plans are suitable or what funds to get into can be a huge dilemma. Fortunately, Holborn Assets Limited employs an expert team of UK advisors who can provide impressive financial planning and investing for a sustainable future. Clients can achieve their financial goals that can include retirement, education fees, trips, or a child’s marriage. By enabling clients to take hold of their financial future, Holborn equips them with the proper know-how to effectively use their current wealth and assets that will benefit the clients as well as their loved ones.

Holborn Assets Limited advisers provide clients with advice and extensive research to find the ideal plan to construct a sound and tax efficient portfolio based on the client’s attitude to risk. Holborn helps expatriates structure a variety of investment options including Alternative Funds, Bonds, Equities, Hedge Funds and Property. No one at Holborn Assets Limited subscribes to off-the-shelf methods. Every Holborn Assets Dubai financial advisor is experienced at portfolio management and has extensive experience in the field of financial services. Holborn Assets CEO Robert Parker has himself been in the Financial Services industry for more than three decades. Before coming to Dubai over 25 years ago, Mr. Robert Parker was in the RAF, which enabled him to cultivate a culture of discipline in everything he does. Now, Robert constantly aims to uphold visionary and inspirational leadership to ensure that Holborn Assets emerges as the Financial Services Group of choice in the UAE.

Constantly forward thinking while ensuring strict adherence to sound International standards in the financial services sector, Robert Parker, along Manager Director Simon Parker and Operations Director Gerry Leahy, have rolled out a dynamic three-year strategic plan to expand the International Advisory arm from the company’s headquarters in Dubai.

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